Audio Transcript Editing

This is part proofreading, part editing, as the transcript already exists in audio form, but most transcript generators will put in every word and whatever word it thinks it should be. This can mean a lot of double words;  hesitations filled with ‘um’s and ‘err’s; and sentences that go on forever and often not all that logically. All this can lead to a very confused written message, whereas the verbal equivalent is perfectly understandable. This is especially true when there are several people on the podcast, as in general conversation, we all have a tendency to talk over one another.

Podcast transcript editing involves listening carefully to understand what is being said, and getting the message in the written piece to match, whilst also retaining the feel of a transcript.

When I edit your transcript you can expect me to:

  1. Convert the audio into text using a transcript generator, if not already done so.
  2. Ensure the transcript generator has actually used the right words.
  3. Remove double words and hesitation speech fillers.
  4. Break up long sentences to enhance readability.
  5. Ensure the transcript shows the correct person talking.
  6. Help the reader to understand when a speaker goes off in another direction.

My prices are as follows:

£20 per hour —Approx. two hours editing for readability for one half hour podcast with up to three participants.* The more people speaking on the podcast the longer the editing takes.

Files should be either:

– .mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .aac and .wav (for audio)
– .mp4, .wma, .mov and .avi (for video audio)
– or already in transcript via

*Minimum charge £10 applies.

If you would like a quote or further information on transcript editing, please click here.

This service is not video editing. This is only for audio transcripts, such as for podcasts and/or videos.