When I proofread your document, you can expect me to:

  1. Correct spelling and look for inconsistent spellings (i.e. names, places, etc.).
  2. Check grammar, punctuation and hyphenation.
  3. Check fonts, headings, and page numbers are correct and consistent.
  4. Check layout is consistent, including titles, paragraph indents and spacing.
  5. Check word order and sense.
  6. Bring to your attention any inconsistencies of information within your work.
  7. Bring to your attention anything else that might need your input.

I am Chapterhouse accredited in proofreading, so I can proofread any documents required, making changes that suit either professional publishers, expecting the British proofreading marks, or anyone else who might just want me to correct their work.

Typical documents include books, advertisements, CVs, your thesis or dissertation, brochures or flyers. However, anything that involves words and needs to be right can benefit from being proofread.

My prices are as follows:

£20 per hour  — approx. 12 pages per hour, or roughly 4000 words.*
This would include books, documents, marketing material, advertisements and online pdfs.

I am happy to assess any work and quote an estimate of hours or fixed price.

*Minimum charge £10 (30 minutes) applies. Technical or complex documents may involve fewer pages per hour depending on the difficulty of the text.

If you would like a quote or further information on copy-editing, please click here.

Please note this service doesn’t include any copy-editing or rewriting.