Other Editorial Services

I can offer several other editorial services, from writing copy and blog posts; to poems and personalised text. Talk to me. I love to write and deal with words, so whatever it is you need I may be able to help.

If you would like to know more, or have a project that you feel doesn’t quite fit any of my services listed, please contact me by clicking here. 


Rewriting is the substantial editing, or rewriting/paraphrasing of an existing document. Look at it as a super copy-edit, where the bones of the message are there but it is by no means a finished piece. Expect all the attention that a proofreading and copy-editing job would receive, but expect the majority of your document to be re-phrased … Continue reading Rewriting

Writing Copy

Writing copy is where a subject is given and I will write a piece on that subject. More often than not, there will be certain things that you need to be included, along with the number of words required and a target audience. This will enable me to write your copy clearly, concisely and so … Continue reading Writing Copy

Personalised Poems

If you would like a special verse just for that special person, then I can help. You might want to say something that is just from you to the recipient. And a poem can be a lovely way to do so. Or maybe you’re sending a personalised card from one of the many services and … Continue reading Personalised Poems