Copy-editing is more in-depth than proofreading, and you may need this if you aren’t confident in your choice of words or your ability to  impart your meaning clearly. Perhaps you are using English as a second language, and want to make sure that your document makes sense to everyone else.

When I copy-edit your document, you can expect me to complete all elements of my proofreading service, as well as:

  1. Improve sentence construction and grammar.
  2. Improve your phrasing to ensure your meaning is clear.
  3. Rewriting small sections, if required, to avoid misunderstanding.
  4. Improve layout, or suggest improvements if major changes are required.

I am Chapterhouse accredited in copy-editing, so I can copy-edit any documents required, making changes that suit either professional publishers, expecting the British proofreading marks, or anyone else who might just want me to correct their work.

My prices are as follows:

Books, documents, marketing material, advertisements, etc. – £25 per hour (the number of pages per hour will depend on how much work is needed to bring the document to required standard)*
Online copy-editing – £25 per hour*

I am happy to assess any work and quote an estimate of hours or fixed price.

*Minimum charge £12.50 (30 minutes) applies. Technical or complex  documents may involve fewer pages per hour depending on the difficulty of the text.

If you would like a quote or further information on copy-editing, please click here.

Please note this service includes only basic rewriting to improve clarity. For information on substantial rewriting, click here.