If you would like further information on any of my services, please contact me.

I can provide the following editorial services:


When I proofread your document, you can expect me to: Correct spelling and look for inconsistent spellings (i.e. names, places, etc.). Check grammar, punctuation and hyphenation. Check fonts, headings, and page numbers are correct and consistent. Check layout is consistent, including titles, paragraph indents and spacing. Check word order and sense. Bring to your attention … Continue reading Proofreading


Copy-editing is more in-depth than proofreading, and you may need this if you aren’t confident in your choice of words or your ability to ¬†impart your meaning clearly. Perhaps you are using English as a second language, and want to make sure that your document makes sense to everyone else. When I copy-edit your document, … Continue reading Copy-editing

Audio Transcript Editing

This is part proofreading, part editing, as the transcript already exists in audio form, but most transcript generators will put in every word and whatever word it thinks it should be. This can mean a lot of double words; ¬†hesitations filled with ‘um’s and ‘err’s; and sentences that go on forever and often not all … Continue reading Audio Transcript Editing

Other Editorial Services

I can offer several other editorial services, from writing copy and blog posts; to poems and personalised text. Talk to me. I love to write and deal with words, so whatever it is you need I may be able to help. If you would like to know more, or have a project that you feel … Continue reading Other Editorial Services