Rewriting is the substantial editing, or rewriting/paraphrasing of an existing document.

Look at it as a super copy-edit, where the bones of the message are there but it is by no means a finished piece.

Expect all the attention that a proofreading and copy-editing job would receive, but expect the majority of your document to be re-phrased or rewritten, whilst still retaining the meaning.

My prices are as follows:

Books, documents, marketing material, advertisements, etc. – £28 per hour (the number of pages per hour will depend on how much work is needed to bring the document to required standard)*
Online copy-editing – £28 per hour*

I am happy to assess any work and quote an estimate of hours or fixed price. If you would like a quote or further information on rewriting, please click here.

*Minimum charge £14 (30 minutes) applies. Technical or complex  documents may involve fewer pages per hour depending on the difficulty of the text.

This service does not include researching the subject matter to produce copy. Please see writing copy for further information on this service.