Here are a few examples of poems I’ve written for special occasions:

For a man’s 63rd birthday
who likes his wine and holidays:

You’ve travelled far, you’ve travelled wide,
To places old and new,
Another birthday, another year,
Nothing will stop you.

Have a really lovely day,
Enjoy with family, friends and wine!
We’re glad that you’re a friend of ours,
Have a  day that is divine.

For a daughter’s 5th birthday:

(Child’s name) you are 5 today,
What a grown up girl you are,
We’re happy that you share our life,
You are our sparkling star.

For a Friend’s wedding joining two families:

A special day, a special couple,
We’re so happy for you two,
What a wonderful family you have made,
One old friend and one new,
May the future be all that you wish,
Filled with love that’s strong and true.

Reception Teacher going on maternity leave:

This is a little card to say,
How grateful we all are,
For everything that you have done,
You really are a star.

You’ve taught our kids their ABCs,
And how to write their name,
You’ve showed them numbers and had fun,
Without you, it won’t be the same.

We hope that everything goes well,
For you and the little one,
Enjoy your time at home with him,
From all the Dads & Mums.

Mother to Son Birthday:

A very happy birthday,
To my son who is my world,
I love you to the moon and back,
In case you hadn’t heard.

You care for me as I get older,
My very special boy,
And even though you shout sometimes,
You don’t mean to annoy.

I’m glad that you are in my life,
The best son that there is,
So here’s a wish that’s just for you
Happy birthday my dearest.